Let’s Catch Up!

hello, It's been a long ride! Yet, it still excites me to see people subscribing to this blog. You comrades are the reason my fuel never runs out. I know I have not been posting here a lot and yes, I don't intend to, as I run another site (www.lunkuse.com)  where there are weekly updates.... Continue Reading →


New site! lunkuse.com

lunkuse.com Howdy, I am excited to share with you about my site lunkuse.com where you're yet to be finding content on sustainable development, African communities, travel, book reviews, and everything else I have been posting on this blog. Kindly click here to visit the site, subscribe, and get ready to be served. I am certainly giving you... Continue Reading →


When top performers want something, they have to have it. They just have to. Failure to them is an option. When they say they want that app developed, that company running, when they have to buy that house or achieve that lifestyle, they won't stop until they get there. They are very obsessive about their desires and needs and when someone or a circumstance has to come in between them and their mission or vision, the newcomer has to go. Because they want what they want bad enough they cannot put up with distractions.

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